Zivtech Drupal Trainings - January 2019

Whether you're a Drupal beginner trying to understand Drupal better, or a web developer trying to learn or upgrade your Drupal skills, our Drupal trainings can help. You'll receive hands-on experience creating and managing your own Drupal site. Learn more about the public Drupal trainings offered at our downtown Philadelphia office, or reach out to us regarding personalized onsite trainings. 

ZIVTECH: DRUPAL Training Experts

Over the past decade, Zivtech has been one of the premier Drupal Training Companies. Zivtech developed many of Acquia's original Drupal Trainings, and our trainers have hosted trainings around the world. We have hosted trainings at every American DrupalCon, as well as many European DrupalCons, and DrupalCamps around the world. 

Our trainings allow you to stop relying on vendors and take matters into your own hands. The public group trainings offered at our downtown Philadelphia office teach you how to solve technical issues, make design changes, and perform security updates on your own. Our private, onsite trainings are tailored to your specific needs through a custom curriculum, no matter your experience level. 

Past Trainings

We've trained some of the most diverse clients in the world including, the United States Department of Justice, the Government of Canada, CERN, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard University, Yale University, Verizon Wireless, and Razorfish.

About Zivtech

Founded in 2008, Zivtech, is a Philadelphia based web design and web development shop. We believe in open source because it allows our clients the freedom to innovate and grow. Zivtech works with organizations from a variety of industries including, non-profit, higher education, healthcare, government, pharmaceuticals, publishing, startups, and more. 

Meet the trainers
Jody Hamilton
John Kaeser
Front-End Developer
Nick Lewis
Senior Web Architect