Zivtech is always looking for talented developers located in (or willing to locate to) Philadelphia, PA. Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Building websites using Drupal & Theming them according to design specs
  • Becoming an active participant in Zivtech's review process (i.e. reviewing the work of other developers)
  • Keeping meticulous track of time on a daily basis
  • Taking part in planning and scrum meetings
  • Communicating and facilitating with Senior Developers to prioritize client responses
  • Helping with Drupal community initiatives that are a priority to Zivtech
  • Assisting with planning and execution of trainings and events
  • Assisting with client estimation and discovery processes
  • Conceptualizing and implementing web architectural plans devised by Senior Developers
  • Creating and updating documentation- both internal and on Drupal.org
  • Assisting on internal development projects

Applicants Should Have:

  • A bachelor’s degree, or equivalent work experience
  • Web development experience (Drupal, PHP, APIs, Jquery)
  • Experience with web technology/Programming (Ruby, Python, Node js, javascript, views, rules, panels)
  • Strong communication skills (writing)
  • Experience with client relations

Applicants Should Be:

  • Extremely good with technology, especially in the areas of computers and web services
  • Self-directed and motivated
  • Familiar with Agile/Scrum Development, and able to adapt to a flexible project development method
  • Able to work within a large and complex "internet-enabled" community (i.e. the local, regional, national, and international Drupal communities)
  • Accountable, and able to deliver on time
  • Able to work in an often high-pressure environment
  • Able to interact with our clients’ executive, administrative, and technical staff
  • Inquisitive, with an open mind, and able to see “the big picture”
  • Eager to learn more about Open Source Software and technology trends, and to contribute to open source communities that Zivtech is a member of

Items That Are a Big Plus:

  • Linux and/or command line experience
  • Experience with Continuous Integration/Testing
  • Experience with a version control system
  • Experience with Commerce Module, Sass
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum development
  • Design skills
  • Editing skills

To apply for this job, you should send an e-mail to jobs@zivtech.com, with the following:

  • A CV or resume
  • A cover letter, or a paragraph or two about why we should hire you
  • A piece of writing (in words or code) that you feel conveys your writing skills
  • Your LinkedIn address (it’s a free service, so even if you don’t have an account yet, you should sign up for one before you send us your application)
  • Other social networking links that you think can help make your case for you (such as Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr)