As the Director of Front-End Development, you are a leader, with managerial and technical oversight for the Front-End Dev Team. To effectively lead the dev team, you come with first-hand Drupal experience. You will be the primary interface for all things front-end development at Zivtech for the internal team and clients. You will be leading and advancing best practices, setting development standards, reviewing code, and evaluating output. 


In this role, you will manage a team of front-end developers who are each working on any number of client projects. 

  • Provide guidance to the front-end team on how to address any issues they may face.
  • Champion and educate on web accessibility topics and potential UX challenges, as they pertain to development, design, and content production. 
  • Build front-ends for client projects, leading by example through coding client projects.
  • Create and manage development processes that standardize Zivtech’s front-end development. 


  • Solve technical problems, code and debug, and occasionally participate in client meetings. 
  • Lead junior, mid, and senior-level developers and continue to foster our creative, focused, developer-friendly work environment. 
  • Awareness of the projects your team members are actively working on and providing the first level of support to your team. 
  • Mentor and encourage your team through technology sharing and expertise in key platforms and technologies. 
  • Responsible for developing standardization across front-end frameworks across projects. 
    • Includes creating processes, training sessions, reviewing code, and leading dev meetings. 
  • You will also be responsible for providing feedback via regular 1-on-1 check-ins. 
  • Work effectively with non-technical members of Zivtech, as a leader on the development team. 
  • Ability to identify problems with requirements, identify alternatives, and help your team navigate through these issues. 
  • Directly responsible for the career advancement of the Front-End Developers at various stages of career growth. 

Your Toolbox 

  • Previous management experience is desired, however, a willingness to manage others is required. 
  • Agency experience, big or small
  • More than 10 years filling a toolbox with codebases that play well in a Drupal platform.
  • You’re able to share a GitHub account and provide sample projects that reflect contribution to common codebases and proficiency of at least one discipline.