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John Kaeser

Front-end Developer

John joined the Zivtech team in May 2014 as a QA Intern and he quickly rose through the ranks to become a QA Specialist and now a Front-end Developer. His focus on quality assurance and user experience forms the core of his documentation prowess, which includes drafting technical documentation and producing tutorial videos. Always eager to learn more, he takes advantage of the professional development resources around him to nurture a growing set of user testing, development, and DevOps skills. These combined strengths make him an invaluable cross-disciplinary member of our crew. He is thrilled to have found a home where he has the opportunity to collaborate with others to solve complex problems while keeping an eye on the big picture. An avid gamer, John enjoys spending his spare time immersing himself in various game worlds and deconstructing them on mechanical and thematic levels. He received his bachelor’s degree in Media Studies & Production from Temple University in 2015.

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Individuals from every level of government attend Drupal GovCon to learn how they can better serve...
Type: Speaking, Sponsorship, Training
Bear Skin is the default theme for the Bear starter profile, which is a profile to use as a...
Type: Contributed Module

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