6 Reasons Why Clutch is Awesome


It’s a challenge to locate a service provider who truly meets your business and procurement objectives. This can be especially challenging in the Drupal, & broader Open Source Software, ecosystems, where anybody can label themselves "experts." That’s the conundrum Clutch solves. By gathering user reviews and ratings, Clutch offers clarity for B2B companies looking for digital providers that run the gamut from development to marketing.

So what’s in it for providers? Clutch is a powerful marketing tool. When you sign up with Clutch, the company contacts your current and former clients and elicits feedback on parameters like quality, cost and timeliness. And they ask that big important Net Promoter Score question: would you refer the company to colleagues?
Over the past few months Zivtech has been getting excellent user reviews on Clutch, and as the feedback flows in, we've become big fans. Why we heart Clutch:

  1. It's hard to ask for public reviews. Who wants to appear desperate? That’s not a good look for individuals or businesses. But user reviews provide valuable social proof and make a huge difference when converting prospects to customers. Clutch gets reviews on your behalf.
  2. Reviewers don’t have to identify themselves. Some clients are uncomfortable using their names and company identifiers in public endorsements. Clutch gives reviewers the option to post anonymously, so there’s no risk to the client. The unbranded review still provides insight into client’s industry and company size.
  3. Clutch: your crystal ball. Clutch gives you insight on what your future relationship will look like. Prospective clients and partners get a good view on what it might be like to work together.
  4. Powerful branding tool. Clutch gives you great ideas for how to view and recalibrate your value proposition. You know what you do best, but how do you communicate your strengths to potential customers?
  5. Free promotion. Clutch promotes your brand and the positive reviews you get, and it’s a lot more powerful than paid ads. Social proof is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers.
  6. More Feedback=More Clients. Clutch regularly asks your permission to gather consistent feedback from your clients. The more feedback you get, the higher you rank, and that high rating looks good when your prospects come looking.

When potential clients can read verified feedback and reviews from current and former customers, they have decision-making confidence. That means increased sales for your business, because social proof creates trust. And that’s an ideal first step.

Don't forget to check out our clutch.co page.


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