7 DevOps Videos You Need to Watch

Alana Battalino
Alana Battalino

At Zivtech, we believe the web development process should be a collaborative effort. That’s why we incorporate DevOps practices into our daily operations.

DevOps combines development and operations teams to deliver faster, more reliable results. The key aspects of DevOps include automation and continuous integration, both of which foster cross-team communication, productivity, and efficiency.  

A lot of information about DevOps practices, adoption, and implementation already exists, and sifting through those articles, videos, and case studies can be overwhelming. We compiled a list of seven DevOps videos that do a great job explaining DevOps and the practices associated with it.

An intro to DevOps

DevOps is all about the unification of developers and operations people. This brief video provides a high-level explanation of the DevOps methodology.

DevOps in action: Netflix

This session took place at DevOpsDays Rockies in 2016 and was led by Dave Hahn, Sr SRE at Netflix. Throughout the video, Hahn explains how DevOps is at the core of Netflix’s software-engineering process.

Grow DevOps experts

This video is a few years old, but it still makes a valid point. Project Manager turned CTO Jez Humble discusses how organizations need to stop outsourcing DevOps experts and start cultivating the talent they already have.

DevOps in action: Etsy part 1

This presentation was hosted by Ryan Frantz, former staff operations engineer at Etsy. Frantz explains how Etsy integrated DevOps practices into their organization to become a leader in DevOps implementation. Check out part 2 here.

Continuous integration

Short and sweet. This video clocks in at just under two minutes long, but it provides a high-level explanation of perhaps the most important aspect of DevOps.  

DevOps in action: Amazon

At the AWS Public Sector Summit in Washington, DC this year, AWS Solutions Architect Asif Khan spoke about the DevOps culture at Amazon and provided insight into the DevOps Amazon story. The session also describes how DevOps practices are utilized internally to develop software for Amazon and AWS.

DevOps toolchain

The tools mentioned in this video work together as part of the DevOps toolchain to assist in the delivery, development, and management of applications throughout the software development lifecycle.

Hopefully, these videos provided you with a greater understanding of the DevOps methodology.

If you have any other great DevOps videos, please link them in the comments below!

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