Acquia Installer Rocks and Our June Trainings

Aquia Installer

Our June Trainings are over and we are thrilled how things went. The Cira Center was an awesome venue and the participants were great as well. We are always looking to improve so the feedback we got was really helpful and we thank those attendees who took the time. A couple of notes of interest:

Acquia Installer Rocks!

For both trainings we wanted folks to have a local working environment. We wanted this to be as hands-on as possible and a local install is good practice for beginners, gave them something to work on at home, and potentially saved us in case there were connectivity problems with the wireless network. We instructed everyone to download the Acquia Installer and go from there. If you haven't tried this application it is easy as can be. Just download in MAC or Windows, open it up, follow the easy directions and you are done. There were about 30 folks who had never used Drupal before and were able to install this without any issues. It is a great way to get a local installation for folks who are new to development.

Backup and Migrate

We did not expect to spend too much time on the theory and practice of backing up sites and moving from development to live environments. Since this was an intro class we didn't want to get too far into a complicated and often thorny issue. However the attendees wanted to know more about both the theory and the practice so we went over both. We talked about the "Deployment Problem" and walked step by step through using the Backup and Migrate module. (Note that we don't use this for our sites but it is a good tool for beginner and intermediate users). All in all this was a lot of fun and we look forward to doing more in the near future. See some photos below and our descriptions here: Site Building | Theming.

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