Can Drupal cure Baldness? Ignite Philly & Viddler

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This past weekend's Mashable-Indy Hall party (which Zivtech sponsored) was pretty awesome, despite the venue's hat hating ways, but it wasn't the only awesome tech event in Philly this weekend. On Saturday I attended my first "Ignite" event--Ignite Philly--at Philly's most awesome small venue, Johnny Brenda's (which also happens to be a really great bar and restaurant). For those who aren't familiar with Ignite events, they consist of a series of five minute pitches by social/economic/political entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, educators, and anyone else who feels they can spark interest in their topic/technology/company with fifteen slides.

Technically Philly has a great rundown on the various pitches, but the one that got my attention was Robert Sandie's Cure Male Baldness, a pitch for Viddler. Sandi is the co-founder and President of this video service, and his basic point was that being an entrepreneur is nerve racking enough to make you lose your hair, and that we could help him keep his hair if we supported and used Viddler. As someone who has a full, very thick, head of hair, I felt a bit guilty (even though I wear it under a hat at all times). So, in order to maybe save a few hairs and help out another local startup I decided to see if I could whip up an Embedded Media Field provider to give Viddler some Drupal/Brotherly Love and hopefully help Robert's follicle problem (I'm sure our bald and beloved Druplicon would approve). I thought the name Viddler sounded familiar, though we didn't support it in emfield. After poking around a bit, I found a Viddler provider in the emfield issue that, with a few changes, worked pretty well. And so, after a few hours of work and troubleshooting I committed the Media: Viddler module. At the moment it's just an emfield provider, but Viddler has a pretty awesome API (video comments would be awesome!), so I think it's just the start for this module. I know this is just a small contribution, but in the battle against baldness every hair counts, and I'm glad I could do my (fully haired) part with the help of a little blue baldy.

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