CapitalCamp Session Submissions

Washington D.C.
Andrew Wilson

The 2011 CapitalCamp website just launched and the organizers behind the event, including the Zivtech crew, are looking for your session proposals!

Sessions should be no more than 50 minutes in length and they should conform to one of the following learning tracks:

  • Government/Business: What does it take to bring Drupal into an organization, agency, or business? How do you think strategically? Where are the political land mines? How do you manage a project built on an open source platform? Can you answer these questions and others like them? We want to hear from you.
  • Beginner:Can you remember what it was like when you learned how to use Drupal? Do you remember those ah-ha moments? Would you be interested in helping others over some of the obstacles you hurdled? Tell us how you can help others engage Drupal. We are interested in supporting the entry of several roles: Planning, Design, Building, Developing, and Theming. Also, don't forget about the environment in which Drupal runs. Come help others avoid performance and security pitfalls that can take beginners by surprise.
  • Intermediate/Advanced:Do you know how to make a Drupal site rock without lifting a coding finger? Come tell us. Are you one of those coders who are building modules for the rest of us to use? Come help others do the same. Are you responsible for ensuring performance and security on large, complex sites? Share your lessons learned.

Submit your CapitalCamp Session Proposals Now

The session submission deadline for CapitalCamp is June 3! On June 4, the sessions will open for voting. The final schedule will be released on June 20.

**Update: The session submission deadline has been extended to June 10. Voting will begin thereafter.**

So what are you waiting for? Submit your CapitalCamp Sessions Now! And be sure to follow all CapitalCamp updates on Twitter and

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