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The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Vaccine Makers Project was selected as a finalist for the PR News’ Digital PR Awards in the category “Redesign/Relaunch of Site.”
Capital Hill
We just returned from GovCon 2018 and we're already excited for next year. If you missed our sessions or would just like to watch them again, you're in luck! We've put together a recap of everything we did at GovCon this year.
Our team was recognized for digital strategy; digital design and UI/UX design; and mobile, website, software, Drupal, WordPress, and PHP development. 
Here are 5 key takeaways from the sessions I attended that I feel have the potential to be the biggest game changers in Drupal 8.
Check out our top ten event picks for this year's Philly Tech Week. 
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Headed to DrupalCon? Here’s where you can find us throughout the week.
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Last week our Lead Designer, Jen Rovner, competed in the Philadelphia Adobe Creative Jam.
For International Women’s Day, I asked our female staff members about the organizations, mentors, and resources that have motivated them or helped them grow professionally. 
Philadelphia skyline

SXSW kicks off on March 9th, and I’m excited to be heading down to Austin for one of the most amazing events IN THE UNIVERSE.

Amazon Alexa zero UI technology

You may not have heard the term “Zero UI,” but chances are, you've heard of some of its high-profile products.

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Clutch highlighted Zivtech based on client reviews and ratings.
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An intuitive content management system makes it significantly easier to streamline the way you manage your digital presence.

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At Zivtech, we place a lot of importance on the way our team interacts and communicates, and we’re always looking for new ways to continue to improve our company culture.
Companies were selected based on their ability to deliver excellent work.
Twenty members of our team went to the conference to attend sessions and represent Zivtech.
Austin, Texas

We just got back from South by Southwest (SXSW) and already can't wait for next year.

Women at computer

March 8th is International Women’s Day, which celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

Samantha Rogers
Samantha Rogers
Last week I wrote about how awesome it is to live, work, and start a business in Philly.

Philly is an amazing place to build a business, and here are 14 reasons that prove it beyond all reasonable doubt.


The Bearskin 8 theme is built for Drupal 8 to streamline front-end development and add value for clients in the process.

Alban Bailly
Alban Bailly
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If you can think of a topic, there’s probably a podcast about it. Web development is no different.
Lauren Lewis
Philly skyline

Normally one of our staff gives a presentation about a topic related to web development. This time, we decided to do a surprise team building exercise with our rendition of the popular real life game, Escape the Room.

Allison Law
Allison Law
Thanks in large part to the SXSW Philly effort, the music and tech festival will be seeing more representation from Philadelphia than it ever has before.
Conference audience
Drupaldelphia has announced that Bob Moul is the 2016 keynote speaker.
Allie Jones
Allie Jones
Philly skyline
It is high time to drop that tired old Rocky, cheesesteak, LOVE statue narrative of Philadelphia in favor of a message that reflects the current of a vibrant Philly — overflowing with intellect, resources, and an affordable quality of life for entrepreneurs.
Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
Philly building

A super cool city like Philadelphia deserves celebrity status at SXSW.

Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
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As a project manager, you want to share a link with a client for quick feedback, and too often it‘s not as easy as it should be.

Zivtech Staff
In this installment, I'll step through how to set up oEmbed rich content in a WYSIWYG in Drupal 7.

Wait no more.

Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan

It’s a challenge to locate a service provider who truly meets your business and procurement objectives. This can be especially challenging in the Drupal, & broader Open Source Software, ecosystems, where anybody can label themselves "experts." That’s the conundrum Clutch solves.

Sticky Notes
Drupal 7 Core Site Building Jeopardy helps your team study for the Acquia Site Builder certification, or just brush up on your Drupal core knowledge.
Drupal Automation
Drupaldelphia 2014 had a bunch of great sessions this year, some of which were presented by our own Zivtech team members.
Catch up with us at some of our upcoming events!
Devon Walder
Philly Dev Camp is a web developer boot camp focusing on skills that local tech companies are looking for in today's workforce.
Drupal in Business
Zivtech CEO Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg will be discussing the future of Drupal in business on a panel with other local Drupal shops.
David Hamme
Zivtech has a busy schedule over the next week and we'd like to share what we'll be up to.
David Hamme
Over the course of an intense 50 hours at Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia, Liv IT made a ton of progress on developing our business plan, brand identity, and product functionality.
Benji Davis
This weekend 9 members of the Zivtech staff will be participating and competing in Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia 2013.
Zivtech is happy to be a Gold Sponsor at this year's DrupalCamp NJ. And as always, our developers and designers are conducting training workshops and sessions.
Tony Capponi
Core Sprint
After a full day of sessions and learning about Drupal, Saturday June 23rd from 10 am to 5 pm will be the third Get Involved with Core Sprint.
Tim Plunkett
Come join Zivtech and the rest of the Philadelphia Drupal community on June 22-23, for two action packed days of good programing, great beer/food/code, and even better people!
Zivtech is at BADCamp2011

Join Zivtech at the annual Bay Area Drupal Camp, BADCamp (October 21-23, 2011).

Andrew Wilson

Join us in Portland, Oregon for the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit October 14 -16, 2011.

Tony Capponi
New York
Zivtech is excited to announce that Andrew Morton, aka drewish, has joined our team as a Senior Architect.
The 4th annual Philadelphia-based Drupal Camp, Drupaldelphia, is scheduled for Friday, July 29th.
Andrew Wilson
Capital Camp

CapitalCamp is just over two weeks out!

Sean Wolfe
Sean Wolfe
Drupalcamp Colorado is this weekend!
Meghan Palagyi
Washington D.C.
The 2011 CapitalCamp website just launched and the organizers behind the event, including the Zivtech crew, are looking for your session proposals!
Andrew Wilson
Washington DC

CapitalCamp (July 22nd-July 23rd) will be the FIRST EVER DrupalCamp to be held in our nation's capital.

Andrew Wilson
Zivtech Drupal Development

Finally scratched an itch and created a Node.js Integration module last night.

We are very pleased to announce our pre-conference Drupal 7 Module Development training session at DrupalCon Chicago, taking place on Monday, March 7, 2011.
Stephen Haslett
Drupal Event
Zivtech will be hosting an Alfresco webinar tomorrow (9/14/2010) on integrating Alfresco, Drupal, and
Drupal Camp Philadelphia
This Friday, May 14th, 2010, the next Drupal Camp for Philadelphia, A.K.A. Drupaldelphia, will take place at Temple University's Alter Hall.
Stephen Haslett
Chicago Drupal Jam
I've had a lot of fun today at the Chicago Drupal Jam! Here are a couple of notes from the day.
Drupalcon Sessions
The voting is over and the Drupal Con San Fran sessions have been posted.
Philly skyline
Zivtech is excited to host two events in the next couple of weeks at our offices featuring two of the Open Source Enterprise Content Management systems that we work with.
Drupal Development
We are very excited to announce the launch of the DCTV and Beyond Bullets websites. DCTV is a very cool media arts center based in New York. DCTV's firehouse was home to Democracy Now and currently trains 2,000 students a year. The relatively small organization can boast to winning 15 Emmy awards!
Media Camp
This past weekend I had the pleasures of attending PublicMediaCamp which was "an initiative to strengthen the relationship that public broadcasters have with their communities through the creation of collaborative projects."
Web Development
Drupal is at heart a content publishing platform. A way to share information as quickly and as accessibly as possible.
Site Raising
Drupal Camp Philadelphia is coming up on July 31st! Last night we had a barn raising to quickly put up a site for the event.
Unfuddle Feedback Module
This is what happens when you are surrounded by brilliant people.
Drupal Event
This past weekend's Mashable-Indy Hall party (which Zivtech sponsored) was pretty awesome, despite the venue's hat hating ways, but it wasn't the only awesome tech event in Philly this weekend.
Last weekend I had the great pleasure of taking part in the Open Media Camp & Media Sprint, which was hosted by Denver Open Media (DOM).
Drupal CVS
As noted in Jody's blog-post regarding this same subject, there are a number of tools out there which allow for simple cvs checkout from Drupal's repository. Unfortunately, they need to be installed separately for each website, which can be a pain.
Summer of Code
As many of you know, I am helping to organize Drupal's participation for this years Google Summer of Code for this year, and one of my duties is to help recruit mentors and help them connect with students working on some of the awesome community and student project ideas that have been proposed.
User Permissions
Jody and I will be working on getting some hacking done on Drupal's permission system at Drupalcon.
2008 was a hell of a year. After a few years as an independent contractor, I incorporated Zivtech in January. In April, Jody and I decided to become business partners (which, coincidentally, happened in the same week I learned I was going to be a father for the first time), and by the end of the year we had grown to an eleven person shop.
Philly skyline
Philadelphia held its first DrupalCamp this week, and it went better than I think even the most optimistic of us expected.
Zivtech is an Open Source Drupal web development shop with a beautiful office at 15th and South St in Downtown Philadelphia.
Zivtech is extremely excited to announce that we are now officially an Acquia Silver Partner.
The following is a HOWTO I just submitted to the Handbook.
Office desk
As Alex UA recently posted, we have partnered in Zivtech, a Drupal-only development business.
As of last week, Jody Hamilton and I officially became business partners.
Today was the last official day of DrupalCon Boston 2008, the latest official iteration of the biannual Drupal Conference.