D7 Stream Wrapper Sprint Day Two


We've been sprinting to get stream wrappers into Drupal 7 here at the Zivtech Philly office for the past two days. Getting it done are Jon Stacey, Andrew Morton, Peter Wolanin, Aaron Winborn, Justin Randell and myself. We had the first patch for stream wrapper support committed this afternoon: http://drupal.org/node/227232 Some of what we've been working on is once and for all letting Drupal have a proper dual public/private files system, redoing most of the long neglected file.inc, and paving the way for all the amazing things stream wrappers will do by getting our basic API right.

Jody Hamilton
Jody Hamilton

Co-Founder / CTO

Jody is a full stack Drupal expert. She does technical architecture, strategy, development, consulting, and developer training. Jody has worked on hundreds of Drupal projects since she began as a freelancer in 2006 and co-founded Zivtech in 2008. Jody grew up in the Philadelphia area and graduated from Harvey Mudd College in California in 2000.

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