You already know that the internet is overly saturated with information.

Without a well thought out and detailed strategy, achieving your goals might feel impossible. Here are 7 signs that your project needs a proper discovery phase before investing in any type of design and development project.
Companies were selected based on their ability to deliver excellent work.
Mood driven design
Use mood fluctuations throughout your design process to create more positive experiences.
People at a meeting

It seems obvious that user research is a critical part of improving the

A man stands on a cliff

User experience (UX) is one of the most important driving forces behind the success of your website.

A letter slot in a door

After a lot of hard work, stakeholder meetings, and thought, you are finally getting inspiration for a great

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Too many cooks can spoil the broth. Or, too many inconsistent styles can leave your website visitors totally lost.

Smooth stones

Your website should fuel your business. It should be easy to use, both for you and the visitors you want to attract.


You may have heard the term “wayfinding” before and nodded along, as you do whenever someone throws out niche jargon.

While you may have a seemingly well-organized navigation that just needs finessing, your site architecture is the foundation of the entire website experience. Do you really want to build on something that could be cracking at the base?

This post is the second in a series covering Zivtech's usage of Gulp for front-end development in Drupal 8.


Gulp is a mainstay of front-end development nowadays.

Here's a walkthrough guide to styling a slideshow in Drupal 8.
Stephanie Semerville
Stephanie Semerville
Two rows of trees
Don't break the Gestalt Laws of Grouping. Your site metrics will thank you for it. 

Proper site architecture allows for content to be displayed in a dynamic and structured way that makes sense to humans and machines alike.

Brick wall
Understand whom you’re building for, employ the right frameworks, organize your codebase, and make your life a lot easier with a CSS preprocessor.
Stephanie Semerville
Stephanie Semerville
Colored wall
Look at your website. Do any of these problems sound familiar? Here's how to fix them.
Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
Your website’s goal is not to show off cool stuff. It’s to get and keep visitors’ attention to your product or service, and to convert customers. That’s why it’s so important to understand how attention comes into play when designing your website.
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Read on for some common design slip-ups that can distract from your site's content. 


A website can serve a lot of different functions.

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The Drupal community welcomed the much anticipated release of Drupal 8 a few months ago. What themes are available in Drupal 8?


Too many businesses think that their online campaigns are the equivalent of taking lots of selfies.

Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
It’s time to build your next website. The next step is to figure out which CMS platform is best for the job.
Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
Piggy bank

Your website is outdated and you need a new digital coat of paint. You’re not alone. Many companies created great sites five or ten years ago that are now showing their age. Find out how to save money on your website redesign.

Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
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Your way of doing things is unlike anyone else’s. That’s good and bad. While some aspects of your business differentiate you from the competition, others are actually slowing you down. 

Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan

In Drupal 8, we finally have WYSIWYG in core, but no solution for adding videos and other embedded content. How can we have the ease of use of Wordpress for embedding 3rd party content?

Drupal Themes

We at Zivtech care about accessible websites and strive to make our projects usable by the widest range of people possible.

Brown bear
Introducing Bear Skin, a comprehensive skin for Zivtech's Bear base theme.
Web Design

We love Responsive Web Design, and we love Drupal.

Responsive Web Design
Breakpoint makes writing media queries really simple. I want to show you a little about how we use it day-to-day on responsive projects here at Zivtech.
Drupal Theme
The other day I got to thinking, just what would it take to build a responsive theme for Drupal from scratch?
Howard Tyson
Howard Tyson
Sass and Compass
So you write a lot of CSS, right? I used to be like you. I'll bet you probably write enough CSS to see tons of possibilities in the code, but also maybe you pull your hair out over some of the limitations?
We're pleased to announce Mason Wendell has joined our team as Zivtech's new Creative Director.
Web Design
Is Drupal a bad platform for designers? If you were paying attention to the Drupal Planet or the twitter feeds of various Drupal community members and designers in the Drupal world, you might think the answer is a resounding 'Yes'.