Drewish + Drupal + New York City = Zivtech in the Big Apple

New York

Zivtech is excited to announce that Andrew Morton, aka drewish, has joined our team as a Senior Architect. Andrew has been a major contributor to Drupal core and contributed modules for five years. He is an official maintainer of the core file system and was key to the leap forward in Drupal 7's file and image handling. We've worked with Andrew as contributors to the Drupal community for years, espescially around his work with the Station module (one of the ways Tim Plunkett got involved in Drupal) as well as the file/image/media changes for Drupal 7. Andrew will be working out of New York City, as the first person in our upcoming New York office, where he'll be joined in September by Stephen Hastlett, and hopefully more folks soon thereafter. While Zivtech is headquartered in Philadelphia, a large portion of our work comes from the New York metropolitan area, and many of our staff are active in the New York Drupal scene, so we've been looking for an opportunity to expand north on the Turnpike for the past few years. We are currently in the early phases of scheming on how we can use Drupal (and the other Open Source tools that we work with) to help eleviate the shortage of tech talent in the New York City tech startup scene, so we hope to have more interesting/exciting news in the Big Apple in the not-too-distant future.

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