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Media Camp

This past weekend I had the pleasures of attending PublicMediaCamp, at American University in Washington, D.C., a Camp which was billed as "an initiative to strengthen the relationship that public broadcasters have with their communities through the creation of collaborative projects". (Meanwhile Jody was galavanting around the San Francisco Bay Area- and by "galavanting" I mean she was helping to plan the future of Ubercart, attending BADCamp, and building the registration system for DrupalCon San Francisco 2010)

I'm a big fan of the DIY *Camp format, and while I obviously don't work in Public Media, I (and Zivtech) do a fair amount of media related work, so it seemed like a great place to meet some new people and find out more about what's going on in the Public Media space. Little did I know when I signed up that Drupal would be such a hot topic-- I mean, I know it's awesome and all that, and I tell anyone who will listen to me as much, but it never ceases to amaze me how many different markets Drupal has penetrated. Some of the Drupal community members that I bumped into during the Camp were Kevin Reynen of the Open Media Project, Ken Rickard of Palantir, Eric Gunderson and Will White from Development Seed, and Margot Rosas from Radio Engage.

The first session I attended at PubCamp ended up being one of the only ones I attended. Daniel Jacobson, from National Public Radio, did a presentation on the NPR API, which I had never heard of. As Daniel went through the presentation I started to put together an NPR Provider for Embedded Media Field, and when someone asked "is their a Drupal module that works with the NPR API?" near the end of the session, I blurted out "there will be soon." Though I didn't get a chance to finish the provider during PubCamp, by Tuesday morning I was able to release the first version of Media: National Public Radio, which is available to download and use on Drupal.org. The module has fairly limited capabilities right now, but it does have the ability to grab MP3, RealMedia, or Windows Media versions of the file, meaning that (with the help of Feed API or Feeds) public radio stations (or really anyone) on Drupal can now easily integrate NPR content with their own. Thanks to the Daniel for the API and the motivation to make a small but useful module, and thanks to NPR, iStrategyLabs and the rest of the organizers for a really awesome Camp!

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