Drupal Jeopardy

Sticky Notes

Drupal 7 Core Site Building Jeopardy helps your team study for the Acquia Site Builder certification, or just brush up on your Drupal core knowledge.

We have a weekly "Dev Lunch" on Fridays and lately we've been studying some of the topics covered by the various Acquia certification tests, to help junior staff fill in the gaps of their Drupal skills. This week we mixed it up by playing Jeopardy questions I made up, using a nice web app (jeopardy.rocks) by Muno Creative.  

We had no problem including a few remote colleagues via Google hangout, and we used our regular Hipchat room with team emoticons to buzz in. Congratulations to Team Eggplant (Steve, Dima, Jeff and Victor) who won the game and are enjoying their prize (RC helicopters).

Let us know if your group plays and how you like it. This could be fun for a meetup event as well.


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