Five Blogs Developers Should Know

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Maddie Presland
Maddie Presland

Whether you’re creating new tools and software for development or just starting to master basic code, the developer blogosphere is a great resource for staying up to date and learning new techniques to build an attractive and accessible website. Here are five developer blogs that offer something for everyone. 

For Front End Developers

Newbie (but not a n00b)

Design and UX are essential elements in building a website that drives traffic and meets client needs. You want it to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Speckyboy is an online design magazine that posts content relevant to both technical fundamentals and creative trends. Their website is populated with beautiful art and infographics in addition to written content. The blog posts something new every business day, so keep checking back for content. 



Codrops publishes articles on techniques and trends that are both stunning and informative. Its tutorials can teach a team or just sharpen an individual’s skills. Notable content topics include layouts, incorporating animations to increase audience engagement, and text effects that will draw more attention to web pages. Bonus: Codrops occasionally publishes freebie articles that include icons for designers. 


For Back End Developers

Binge Watcher

TV loving developers rejoice - Netflix has a blog dedicated to illustrating how the site operates and what they do to maintain it. Some questions that Netflix asks about the personalization aspect can be answered from the development side of things. Example: "Why is Netflix telling me to watch a B-rated horror movie when I only want to watch romantic comedies?" The site's developers write about topics such as how Netflix generates TV and movie recommendations for members and how coding algorithms change based on human factors like taste, culture, and other preferences. 



Scott Hanselman codes and develops - a lot. But he has also made a career out of sharing his experiences. He hosts talks, records podcasts, writes books, and blogs about his experiences. But he doesn't only write and talk about the stuff that you can screenshot and share. He also writes about concerns in the industry such as technology burnout and maintaining the work-life balance that can be difficult to achieve while working on a demanding project. 


Creative Type

Get crafty: that is, create code so others can get crafty. That’s what the developers over at Etsy do, and they tell it all on their blog. Coding for an online store that carries a massive number of products that can be customized in almost infinite ways seems a daunting task, until the company’s developers break it down and explain how it all works. 


What are your favorite developer blogs? Tell us in the comments below. 

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