How to Grow Your Own Team

Grow your own

Lack of available talent is a common refrain of business owners. Give up on looking and complaining! Learn how to create a sustainable business.

Growing your own means hiring smart, motivated people with all the right soft skills and investing in them for the long haul. In return, they'll reward you with loyalty, teach your newer staff, and work in unison with a cohesive vision.

Where is the Talent?

It’s not realistic to imagine that you live in a world where there are people that you can just hire for a decent price who already have all the skills you need. Just come in, hit the ground running, and make you a bunch of money. You wouldn't have any problems with them, and you wouldn't have to do much for them other than feed them some pizza and pay them.

So when managers can't find those people, they get upset, and they say, "There's not enough talent. People are not getting educated properly. We don't have the right people and the right programs out there." 

The world is full of talent! No, they haven't learned the specific skills that you need, but there are so many intelligent people out there who would thrive with a little help.



What Are You Farming?

When I started working in software development, I saw myself as someone who made websites. That was my output: I was making websites, or I was making code. Over the years now I see that my product is people. I'm selling their time, expertise, knowledge, and human capacity. 

In web development, who cares about the code when you have the coder? It's like the egg and the chicken. You have to take care of the chicken, and not each little egg, because the chickens just keep making more. 

Being a great website maker isn’t really that valuable. What is really valuable is being able to grow more people who can do the work. Then you really scale up. You're only going to do so well as a solo practitioner. If you're able to grow more and more skilled people, not only is your business doing better, but you start to realize that the task of training people is more important than building websites.

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