How Zivtech Prioritizes Employee Recognition

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At Zivtech, we place a lot of importance on the way our team interacts and communicates, and we’re always looking for new ways to continue to improve our company culture. It’s part of the reason why we “grow our own” and train our employees rather than looking for the ideal candidate who already has all the perfect skills.
We want to ensure that our employees are engaged at work and that they have good work-life balance. We also want to make sure they know that we recognize the work that they do here and that they’re appreciated.
A survey showed that 81 percent of respondents said they would work harder for an appreciative boss. The same survey also showed that only 10 percent of respondents regularly showed their colleagues appreciation and gratitude. This is problematic, and it was important to us to make this a priority at Zivtech.

The Week Ahead Newsletter

In an effort to create a space for coworker recognition and create more transparency across departments, our project management team came up with the idea to send weekly internal emails. So every Friday at 4:30, I get the latest edition of my favorite periodical: "The Week Ahead at Zivtech." 
I love these emails for a number of reasons:

Fewer Meetings 

Is there anything more expensive than a staff-wide meeting? The Week Ahead gets everyone on the same page across all departments without having to interrupt anyone’s day with a lengthy meeting. 

The Weekly Theme

In the newsletter below, the theme is Twin Peaks. Hard to beat. Other themes this year have included "HIV Awareness," "Pets are Cute," "Black History Month," and "Dystopia Now." The theme is unrelated to the meat of the email, and adds some color.

Boosting Morale

Most importantly, I love the Week Ahead because it helps boost morale. From Karma Korner to Partner Prattle, celebrating achievements and acts of kindness large and small is always the central theme of the newsletter. I like to send myself and the team off for a relaxing weekend feeling positive about the week and ready to take on next week's challenges. Plus, even if it was a stressful week, everyone leaves knowing that their hard work is recognized and appreciated.

This Week in Work Email
An internal Zivtech newsletter, identifying information obscured.


What does your company do to ensure that employees feel recognized and appreciated?

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