HTML5 Base Theme Beta Released

Zivtech Development
Mason Wendell

Back at Drupal Camp NYC Jen Simmons pulled a number us Drupal folks together to come up with some solutions for incorporating HTML5 into Drupal. I jumped on to co-maintain the theme aspect. After much wrangling with CVS I've managed to push out a beta release of the HTML5 Base theme for Drupal 6. It's intended for use as a base theme (hence the name) and for you to build your own theme on top of it. It uses HTML5 elements such as <header>, <section>, and <nav>; Incorporates many appropriate features from HTML5 Boilerplate; Modernizr; Mobile viewport settings, and WAI-ARIA Roles It's still in active development and I want to build and refine it much further, but I've been using it on real sites as I go including my personal blog, and think it's a great place to start your theme development. Please check it out and get involved to help us make this as awesome as possible.

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