Open Media Camp & Media Sprint


Last weekend I had the great pleasure of taking part in the Open Media Camp & Media Sprint, which was hosted by Denver Open Media (DOM). DOM won a grant from the Knight News Challenge to create common tools for Public Access TV Channels to share videos through the web, known as the Open Media Project. DOM pulled together the OM Camp to get the Public Access channels that are part of the Open Media Beta group together with the developers working on Media module.

Turnout at the Camp was pretty good, despite the fact that a small blizzard hit the Denver area the night before the Camp was set to begin. The first day was focused on trainings for the OM Beta group, and featured Aaron's presentation on Media in Drupal (pictured above), an overview of CCK + Views by Drewish, Arthur's talk on Media Mover, and a demonstration by Aaron and myself on various video options in Drupal. For those who are interested in these topics, but who couldn't make it to the Camp, you should check out the Drupal Multimedia Panel (featuring Aaron, Arthur, and myself) and Arthur's Media Mover presentation, both from DrupalCon DC 2009. The second day was focused on more basic sessions for the OM Beta folks, and the Media Sprint, for all of the developers who attended the camp. We made some good progress-- releasing an Alpha of Media Module and the first full release of emfield-- but by far the most important aspect of the sprint was getting all of the developers who are working on Media Module, as well as some other awesome Drupal devs like greggles and ChrisBryant, together in person.

While only so much code can be written in one day, the benefits of bringing all of these devs together for a weekend will continue to show themselves in the upcoming months. It was also extremely rewarding to get to meet the entire DOM and OM Beta teams in person. Not only are these folks doing amazing work modernizing Public Access capabilities, but they are are also amazing people. It was great to talk with people who are working at the cutting edge of what's possible using Drupal, and invaluable to learn about the real world use cases for the Media Module suite and the issues that face these stations. Getting to talk in person strengthened the working relationships between all of the groups involved (esp. given all of the truly amazing folks who attended the Camp), and will help ensure that the push to make Drupal a first class file and media management system will be as efficient and useful as possible. The possibilities for both Open Media and Media in Drupal seem wide open at the moment.

Thanks Denver Open Media!

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