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Quality assurance is a hugely important step in the website development process, but it’s a process that can be fraught with confusion and frustration, or even worse, overlooked completely. Making sense of project requirements, figuring out what tickets have been completed and merged, and thoroughly testing those changes can at times make a QA expert feel overwhelmed.



Probo to the Rescue!



Probo, the newly launched Continuous Integration tool, is a valuable part of the QA person’s testing routine because it creates unlimited environments on the fly, allowing you to view and test a specific feature minutes after development has taken place.

Probo caters to the notion that each company has a distinct workflow for creating products with differing degrees of size and complexity, accounting for a broad spectrum of testing scenarios. A continuous integration tool makes you a more efficient (and happier!) tester.


Rapid Deployment, Rapid Testing

Probo spins up a new environment with every pull request, providing you with essentially immediate access to freshly written code. No more waiting for the testing environment to be updated. This means bugs are identified earlier in the process, giving developers more time to fix issues. It also means that clients can get their eyes on the product sooner instead of waiting for the vast majority of development to take place.

Since Probo sites look and act just like live sites, clients can get a much better sense of the end-user experience, making the testing process smoother as well.


Microscopic QA

Testing in a traditional workflow occurs when multiple pull requests have been committed to one environment. Testing in this environment can become problematic; if there is an unexpected result or error, it may not be immediately clear whose code broke what. Troubleshooting the conflict takes time away from actual development and in turn from testing, slowing down your project.

With Probo, you know exactly what you should be testing in any given environment, so functionality can be perfected before it is merged into the production environment, reducing the chance of issues in the future.


Co-Testing Made Easy

Some projects require multiple dedicated QA personnel to get the job done. When testing occurs simultaneously in one environment, toes will probably be tread upon. Imagine a world where you have your very own testing environment to change to your heart’s content. Probo builds that world. You can enable or disable modules or plugins, change configurations and add content as needed to perform a complete end-to-end testing cycle.

You don’t have to remember to delete something you added or change a setting back. And you never have to worry about someone else doing the same.

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