Website launch checklist

I'm obsessed with smooth launches. The fewer things you need to do to launch, the fewer things will go wrong.

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You can get valuable insight from visualizing each feature request's path to deployment as an assembly line that can be optimized.
In a culture of training, everyone values the idea of working together to teach each other.
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From site maintenance to full website redesign and support after launch, project managers are the connectors for the web development team and the client.

Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
Study book

Here's a study guide to help you pass the Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder Exam. These are especially useful to those who are newer to Drupal.

Allison Law
Allison Law
Stop hiding it! Take a good look at your website’s backend. Get answers to all your embarrassing questions in a safe place.
Layers of mountains

As a site auditor, you need to pass through each layer of the site, going potentially as far ‘down’ as the server’s operating system and perhaps as far ‘up’ as the tone of the site’s messaging.

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This is Part 2 of a series on How to do a Site Audit.

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As a project manager, you want to share a link with a client for quick feedback, and too often it‘s not as easy as it should be.

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Maintainable Code
This is part 4 of a series based on Jody Hamilton's talk at Dreamit Ventures to a group of entrepreneurs.

This is Part 3 of Jody's talk at Dreamit Ventures.


Here's Part Two of Jody's talk at Dreamit Ventures. Check out some of the other posts in the series.

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Jody Hamilton has been doing Drupal development and leading Drupal teams for about ten years.

Lemon tree
In this installment, I'll observe types of lemon sites and how to recognize a lemon.
Lemon tree
I've worked on many "Site Rescue" jobs, in which a client comes with a sick, but often brand-new and expensive Drupal site, desperately needing it fixed in a number of ways.
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Neither my father nor I are particularly meticulous people in the rest of our lives, but you could eat off his hubcabs or my team's code.