Top 7 Signs Your Website's All Wrong


A website can serve a lot of different functions. It can be a billboard, a call to action, an online store, a community gathering place, a database, and much more. It actually doesn’t matter what your site’s central purpose is if no one wants to hang out there. Here are some common faux pas that can make your website a very lonely place.

Your site isn’t responsive

With nearly two-thirds of Americans now owning smartphones, mobile first and responsive web design are vitally important. Visitors should be able to easily access your site anytime and anywhere without compromising user experience. Check your site from a smartphone. Is the type too small to read? Don’t cheat and zoom in. Get optimized for mobile.

You have long loading times

According to Chartbeat data, your site has just 15 seconds to make an impact. Every extra second of loading time is increasing the viewer’s likeliness of clicking away and never turning back.

Your navigation is unclear

Your navigation should act as the front door to your website. Getting in should be clear upon first look and act as the key to getting the information users need.

You have breadcrumbs or URLs that just don’t make sense

Once you get through the front door navigation, breadcrumbs allow a visitor to stay oriented in your site. They should provide a clear path to where they came from. Think Hansel and Gretel.

Your links are dead

Broken links are dead ends that encourage your visitors to throw it in reverse and find their information elsewhere. With over one billion websites indexed, and more arriving on the digital shores every day, if visitors don’t get what they want at your site, there are plenty of other options.

Your metatagging doesn’t work or is nonexistent

Metatagging is HTML that describes some aspect of the contents of a web page. Metatags help your SEO, making it easier for people to find and visit your site. They also add detail to your social media posts, rather than simply displaying a link that doesn’t give users any additional information about what you’re posting.   

Your site doesn’t do what it says it does 

Make sure your site is accomplishing what it’s supposed to. If you’re an ecommerce site, the journey from browsing to check out should be seamless and functional. Identify the main goals of your site and ensure that they work flawlessly.



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