Top Five Drupal 8 Ready Themes

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Alban Bailly
Alban Bailly

The Drupal community welcomed the much anticipated release of Drupal 8 a few months ago. And then the questions began. Should I port my Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site to D8? What themes are available in Drupal 8?

While there are hundreds of themes available to Drupal developers, so far 93 are Drupal 8 ready. There are some significant differences between D7 and D8 theming. And the number of themes for D8 is only going to grow. Here are our top five favorite Drupal themes now available in D8.



With a pre-release version for D8 now available, this base theme has become one of the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS frontend frameworks in the world for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap 3 is out now, and 4 is in development, according to the theme’s home page. This theme is a bridge between the Bootstrap Framework and Drupal.



Built by Zurb, Foundation is a family of responsive front-end tools you can use to design responsive websites, apps and emails. Foundation is semantic, readable, flexible, and customizable.



This D8 friendly theme ships with Bear, a set of modules and base configuration an install profile that minimizes time to start a new Drupal project without sacrificing the quality of the build. Bear Skin comes with a sub-theme, Bear Coat, that contains some basic styling. We built Bear and Bear Skin here at Zivtech.




Everything you need to know is in the name. Basic is simple and flexible and gives front end developers the essential pieces that they need to get a design up and running. Basic has a clean HTML5 structure with extensible CSS classes and IDs for unlimited options. Basic, which uses the Bourbon library of Sass mixins, comes from Vancouver web shop The Jibe.



Built by Velir, Neato theme was created on the Neat grid system. It also incorporates Bourbon for easier grid theming. Bourbon and Neat are Sass libraries. Developers can choose components to use because Neato isn’t stacked with any JS plugins or files.

Check out these themes to preview and download at the official Drupal site.

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