Top Ten Web Development Predictions for 2016

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Zivtech Staff

We asked our team of experts at Zivtech to look into the near future and consider what's possible for 2016. Here are their predictions, and a few other random thoughts...

1. Drupal 8: Can I Get a What, What?

The release of Drupal 8 should reduce the amount of cross site scripting attacks with the introduction of TWIG in the theme layer, which in previous versions of Drupal is a common security issue. Jason Moore, Developer

2. Demonstrate, Test, Approve

More developer shops will adopt continuous integration and automation tools into their development workflows to allow more time to be focused on development of new software and tools. This should lead to more software being released more often. Jason Moore

3. All GitHub, All the Time

In the category of development workflow, I predict that 2016 will be the "Year of the GitHub-only Workflow." Rather than working on local Vagrant-provisioned virtual machines and editing code in local text editors, in 2016 the convenience of GitHub integrated with 3rd party tools will make it common for developers to do almost all of their work on GitHub: writing code in the GitHub editor, running it on remote servers via automated CI jobs, and doing code review and deployments. Personally, I am loving the GitHub-only workflow I have been rocking the past few months (mainly thanks to using Probo on all my projects) and I believe in 2016 you will be too. Jody Hamilton, CTO

4. Tech Buzzword for 2016

QA will be replaced by CI as the buzz term of 2016 in relation to debugging/user acceptance testing. Jeff Waldman, Director of Project Management

5. All the Dimensions

In 2016, everyone will want their website 3D-sponsive. Google Cardboard was released in 2014, 3D printing was a continuing trend in 2015, and Oculus Rift is to be released in 2016. Who’s to say that websites won’t go 3D too? (Now I wish I can do a 3D wink emoticon.) Allison Law, Developer

6. Do That Thing

More and more devices will connect to the internet. Developers will need to create micro service apis in order to be able to connect to a variety of devices - not just screens. Here’s a stat: 82% of companies will have IoT applications implemented into their businesses in some way by 2017. Allie Jones, Developer

7. I Can Haz Moar Security?

2016 will be the year even your parents start using a password manager, as ‘use secure unique passwords’ goes beyond the realm of ‘floss daily’ and into the realm of ‘brush your teeth’ after more and more big public hacks. Jody Hamilton

8. What You See is Actually What You Get

I predict that WYSIWYGs will provide a smoother interface, allowing multiple people to collaboratively edit their sites at the same time. Giving two spaces at the end of your line so that people can enter text below yours will be a common standard, not unlike a courtesy flush. Employee #19

9. Interface This

Developers will begin to create more usable GUI interfaces to develop custom APIs, allowing anyone to share their data in creative new ways. Dan Zinkevich, Developer

10. Digital Design Trend

“User centric” will become the new web design must-have. Expect to see the trend in conversation moving beyond responsive design and into user centered design. Designers will take more responsibility to ensure the best experience by focusing design on the end user experience and away from complex layouts and animations. Sean Wolfe, Creative Director

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