Upcoming Drupal Trainings in Washington, D.C.

Drupal Training
Benji Davis

Registration is open! Zivtech is conducting two full-day Drupal workshops in the Washington, D.C. metro area. But space is limited so purchase your tickets early.

PHP for Drupal

October 31st, 2011 ($350.00) Our 'PHP for Drupal' workshop is an introduction to PHP from a Drupal perspective. We introduce you to PHP syntax, key Drupal functions, and Drupal coding standards, as well as get you reading and writing some actual Drupal code. We will familiarize you with using the Drupal codebase and API to solve problems. Our 'PHP for Drupal' workshop is designed for folks who have Drupal experience but are new to writing code, or have coding experience but are new to PHP or Drupal. Students are required to provide their own computer. Zivtech will assist in implementing the appropriate local development environment on your computer, as necessary. Each student will also receive a comprehensive 'PHP for Drupal' manual. Purchase your tickets here.

Drupal 7 Module Development

November 1, 2011 ($350.00) Our 'Drupal 7 Module Development' workshop is a crash-course in solving problems by building custom modules. Our workshop focuses on how to approach a problem that existing modules just do not solve. Follow along in your individual development sandbox as we show you how to put Drupal’s APIs to work. Attendees will leave our workshop with working knowledge of Drupal’s menu, form, and hook systems, as well as the database layer. At the end of the class students will also receive a copy of the finished module which includes documented examples of other advanced topics, including update scripts, programmatic content type creation, and Views integration for our custom database tables. A basic knowledge of PHP is prerequisite for this workshop. Students must provide their own computer. Zivtech will assist in implementing the appropriate local development environment on this computer, as necessary. Purchase your tickets here.

Open Atrium and OpenPublic Training

Our gracious hosts and collaborators, Phase2 Technology will be offering additional training sessions on Drupal-based Open Atrium and OpenPublic systems. For those who are unfamiliar with these platforms, Open Atrium is a highly customizable, open source collaboration portal designed to help great teams communicate better. OpenPublic is a feature-rich CMS designed for government and policy groups, supported by a network of open source contributors that are committed to Open Government.

Building Government Websites with OpenPublic

November 3, 2011 Phase2 recently announced details about their introductory one-day workshop focused on the fundamentals of site building with OpenPublic. Purchase your tickets and learn more here. Stay tuned for more details about these trainings in the days ahead. Learn more about Zivtech and our Drupal training workshops.

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