Wall O' Drupal Video Feeds

Video camera

Jody just created a small patch for FeedAPI that added a filter to Views for "Filter by Parent Term," which allowed me to create a new way to sort through the massive amount of videos that have been coming in via the various Drupal themed video feeds that I've been able to find.

Before, FeedAPI only had an option to "Filter by Parent Feed", which only accepted the feed's node ID and which made it pretty unusable as an exposed filter. But now that it is working, I present to you, the Wall O' Drupal Video Feeds.

This is mostly just a proof-of-concept as I try to work through different ways to organize helpful and informative Drupal videos (especially instructional videos), but I hope it's useful on its own as well!

Update: The "wall o' feeds" is now known as the Drupal Video Planet

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