Webinar: Does My Drupal Backend Look Weird to You?


Stop hiding it! Take a good look at your website’s backend. Get answers to all your embarrassing questions in a safe place. 

It’s actually pretty easy to massage your backend into better shape. Join us for a lively webinar on April 5, 2016 with Zivtech co-founder and CTO Jody Hamilton.

Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Time: 01:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT
Speaker: Jody Hamilton, CTO of Zivtech​


  • Is everyone’s WYSIWYG this difficult to use?
  • Is it normal for Drupal sites that content editors require training or documentation?
  • Do I have an appropriate content publishing workflow?
  • Where do I look in the backend to see whether my site is configured securely?
  • Do I have the best forms for adding content to my site?
  • Is it normal to have little tricks for featuring content to the homepage?
  • Is my image and video handling as easy as it should be?
  • Is everyone else also afraid to edit certain parts of their site because doing so risks badly breaking something?

Discover how you measure up with your content management experience. Find out what you can do to make your work easier during this eye opening 60 minute webinar.

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