Welcoming the Two Newest Members of Our Team

May 31, 2013 - Posted by: Tony Capponi

We're happy to introduce Alban Bailly and Michael Gubicza as the two newest members of the Zivtech Team.

Alban Bailly

As a Senior Front End Developer, Alban specializes in translating our design mockups and wireframes into clean, intuitive, and responsive web pages. Before joining our team, Alban studied jazz and composition in his native France and relocated to Philadelphia in 2005. Soon after, he added web design and development to his portfolio and began specializing in Open Source Software and Drupal, working with private clients and B2B advertising agencies.

Michael Gubicza

Michael joins Zivtech as our Administrative Assistant. After graduating from Temple University with a B.A. in Women's Studies and English Literature, Michael worked as a proposal writer for Catapult Learning - an organization dedicated to closing our nation's education gap. In 2013, Michael received his Master's in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh. While purusing this degree, Michael worked for the Univeristy of Pennsylvania and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Applying the skills he learned and refined in these past experiences, Michael works to steamline our administrative processes and organization.

Prior to joining Zivtech, Tony spent 5 years working in the insurance industry, managing and collaborating with a team in the contracts department. Looking for something more intellectually... Read more


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