Zivtech is at BADCamp2011

Zivtech is at BADCamp2011
Andrew Wilson

Join Zivtech at the annual Bay Area Drupal Camp, BADCamp (October 21-23, 2011). Zivtech is a Contributing Sponsor, so be sure to visit our booth. And as always, our developers and designers will be conducting sessions. We’ve posted a preview of their sessions, below:

LEMON- Drupal diseases and cures

Jody Hamilton

With the great demand for complex Drupal websites exceeding the supply of experienced developers and with the barrier of entry to building websites low, badly botched Drupal builds are common. Some lemons are more expensive to fix than to rebuild from scratch, yet website rescue jobs are still on the rise.

In my work I often take-on rescue jobs and get to see a nice cross-section of the worst 'professional' sites. In this session I'll answer:

  • What is a Drupal lemon? What are the common varietals?
  • How can some websites work perfectly well but still be a complete disaster?
  • What are some tell-tale signs in the diagnosis?
  • How can you ensure you don't get (or build) a lemon?
  • When is a website beyond repair?
  • What happens in a typical lemon rescue? What are some of the technical techniques used to rescue a lemon?


This session is appropriate for all levels of Drupal developers, evaluators, and project managers.

Session Link:http://2011.badcamp.net/program/sessions/lemon-drupal-diseases-and-cures

Calendaring with Drupal

Tim Plunkett

Most people visualize events in a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar format, so using Drupal to create and manage calendars is a desirable feature for many sites. Since Drupal 4.7, the Calendar module has handled this need, but for Drupal 6 and 7, there is an alternative, the FullCalendar module. Calendar and FullCalendar are both built around the Views module, but their different use cases makes picking the right one for your project an important decision.

In addition to the features offered by Calendar, FullCalendar provides:

  • Drag-and-drop editing of events
  • Displaying Google Calendar feeds
  • Ability to display nodes, users, terms (any fieldable entity)
  • Visual representation of duration
  • Learn more about the options and features of both modules, and discuss their flexibility, performance, and stability.


Intended audience: Site builders, content creators, lovers of Drupal

Questions answered by this session:

  • What are my options for calendars in Drupal?
  • How can I get my calendar to look like Google Calendar?
  • Can I use drag-and-drop to edit my events?
  • Which should I use, Calendar or FullCalendar?


Session Link:http://2011.badcamp.net/program/sessions/calendaring-drupal

Sassy CSS: Compass Sass Susy

Meghan Palagyi

CSS is necessary in order to specify how fonts, colors, images and layout properties look and act. You need CSS to make your site look "good", but why write plain CSS when you can write Sassy CSS? In a world of CSS3 and browser-specific implementations, writing standard CSS can get tedious. Meet the new CSS, Compass, Sass, and Susy.

Sass and SCSS (Sassy CSS) are CSS syntaxes that will change your styling' life. Both compile to CSS, and both make writing CSS3 the best ever. Compass is a super-powered framework to save you time and works with both syntaxes. Behold the power of CSS3 mixins, CSS resets, typography shortcuts and helper functions in a single line! The final pièce de résistance is Susy, a flexible grid option for people who like grids, including flexible responsive and adaptive options.

Introduce yourself to these three Ruby gems and never write vanilla CSS again.


Session Link:http://2011.badcamp.net/program/sessions/sassy-css-compass-sass-susy

Getting it into Drupal with Migrate

Andrew Morton

Migrate module is a powerful tool for importing, transforming and syncing content from external sources into Drupal. The power comes from an object oriented API that's tricky to get started with. We'll walk through the various classes in the module and how they work together to manage migrations. Once you understand roles we'll plug some together and move some data around.

Session Link:http://2011.badcamp.net/program/sessions/getting-it-drupal-migrate

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