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We started our Drupal training program just over a year ago. And since then we've been on quite a roll. We've had over a dozen trainings in two countries, three time zones, and half a dozen cities. This is an exciting time to learn Drupal as Drupal adoption is increasing and the need for Drupal developers is skyrocketing. CNET.com recently quipped "Want a Job, Learn Drupal." Our module development training takes budding Drupalistas on a tour of Drupal's powerful collection of APIs. We walk through the creation of a module that will allow site administrators to collect and store email addresses and create per node sign-ups. This is a hands on approach that gives attendees experience building and writing code for themselves. Here is a more detailed description: Our Introduction to Module Development class provides a hands on crash-course in solving specific problems by building custom modules.

This training focuses on how to approach a specific problem that existing modules simply do not solve. Students follow along in individual development sandboxes as we guide them through putting Drupal’s API’s to work. Attendees will leave the class with a working knowledge of Drupal’s menu, form and hook systems as well as the database layer. At the end of the class students will receive a copy of the finished module which includes additional well-documented examples of advanced topics such as update scripts, programmatic content type creation and Views integration for our custom database tables. (PREREQ: A basic knowledge of PHP is required for this class.) Mortendk gave us an introduction to Copenhagen (start at minute 25) at the end of DrupalCon San Francisco and I noticed that Philadelphia and Copenhagen have a number of things in common. Copenhagen is the most bike friendly and greenest city in Europe while Philadelphia is the #1 bike commuter city in the US, and one of the greenest and most walkable cities on this side of the Atlantic. Copenhagen is the happiest city in Europe while that is something that Philadelphia needs to work on. This will be our first trip to Copenhagen and we are excited to add Denmark to our list of training venues!

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