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We are excited to join a number of great Drupal shops at the Pre-Conference Training sessions on Sunday, April 18th during DrupalCon San Francisco 2010. We will be giving a day-long class, "Intro to Theme Development". You can sign up by registering for DrupalCon http://sf2010.drupal.org/ or by going here: http://sf2010.drupal.org/node/2954. We have given this day-long exploration of the Drupal theme system a number of times before, most recently at Eyebeam in New York. This time around will be a little different however as we will be working with Drupal 7 which has some pretty cool new tricks up its sleeve. Here is a preview. This is an exciting area to teach because understanding Drupal theming can be really empowering for beginner and intermediate Drupalistas. Especially for designers and front-end gurus. Theming is often the bulk of the work on smaller sites so it is great to help folks get over their road blocks. My personal Drupal career really got a kick-start after taking a Lullabot theming course several years ago. Here is a description of our class:

In this day-long training we will take a hands-on look at the process of moving all the way from a design to a fully functional Drupal theme. Students will follow along on their own versions of the site that we are building while we demonstrate how to work with CSS and templates to shape a Drupal theme to fit your vision. The training will demonstrate and explain theming best practices along the way, teaching students to keep a lookout for common “gotchas” and theming pit-falls. Attendees will leave this class with a working knowledge of CSS, templates, themable functions, preprocess functions and how and where each are used to make your Drupal site beautiful! (PREREQ: A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required, a basic understanding of PHP is helpful but not mandatory.)

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