A grant management system that doesn’t force you to compromise
Grant Management

Your organization is unique, and so is your process. Out-of-box grant management systems force you to prioritize certain features and compromise on others. Build a custom solution to ensure that every feature can be a priority, and eliminate excessive licensing fees. 

Streamline your grant management process with a system that is customized for your organization so that you can focus on what’s important.

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Grant Management
  • Implement a system that aligns with your existing design, branding, people, and processes
  • Allow applicants to effortlessly attach any rich media assets, such as audio, video, image, and PDF files
  • Assign panelists and staff to specific applications through nuanced application review permissions
  • Easily integrate with other systems like email and CRM
  • Never rely on a developer for grant cycle creation or editing
Implement an intuitive workflow
Ensure a simplified process for applicants
Build, customize & edit without technical support
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