Copland Screens

When the ACF moved their paper applications online they were no longer user-friendly. Applicants were unable to complete an application in stages without losing data, and they couldn’t copy completed applications from previous years and use them as a starting point for the current year's grant cycle. On the backend, the ACF staff didn’t have the ability to assign applications to specific panelists for review, rank them, or collaborate with contributors. 

Copland Forms

We revamped the ACF website and provided them with easy to navigate, tab driven forms that broke applications down into smaller, more manageable, sections. We also gave applicants the ability to save their personal information to an individual or organizational account. We enhanced the review process by allowing panelists to login and view the applications assigned to them, and gave them the option to review applications online or download them as a PDF to review offline.

Copland Submission

Our solutions helped elevate the experiences of both the grant applicants and review staff. Applicants can easily apply for new grants using information from previous grant cycles. They can also upload rich media files directly to applications, and receive automated updates regarding their application status. The review process is more efficient thanks to an intuitive backend system that allows panelists to collaborate, automatically screen applicants, review applications side-by-side, and integrate with third-party systems. 

Copland Flagging

Our ongoing work with the ACF has streamlined their review process and increased submission efficiency for grant applications. The ACF can focus on accomplishing their mission of improving public knowledge and appreciation of contemporary American music without running into roadblocks caused by a faulty grant management system.

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