Copland Screens

Each of the Fund's grant programs require applicants to submit a lengthy application form. Traditionally, these forms were printed on paper, which meant that the various form segments were broken down into digestible sections. However, when we brought this online, we were left with a daunting form that was both confusing and difficult for applicants to navigate.

To overcome this problem, we broke the form into more navigable, manageable sections. This provided applicants with a well organized, easy to navigate, tab driven application form. Further enhancing the forms navigability, we added custom JavaScript Previous/Next tabs to the bottom of each form segment, allowing applicants to easily tab through the application without losing previously entered data.

Copland Forms

With the application process now being completely paperless, we needed to provide users with the ability to complete the application form in stages without losing data.

We customized the form so that applicants can save their progress at any time before finishing. Applicants can then login to their account at a later date and continue the application. We also provided custom form validation that checks to ensure that all the required fields are complete before allowing the applicant to finally submit their application.

To further streamline the application process, we supplied applicants with the ability to copy completed applications from previous years, and use these as a starting point for the current year's grant cycle.

Copland Submission

To assist with the review process, staff needed a system in place that would allow them to bookmark and assign applications to specific panelists for review. By utilizing the Flag Module, we implemented this functionality and provided a list of assigned applications that panelists can view when they log into their account. Panelists can then either review the application online, or download it as a PDF to review offline.

Both the new website and the grant management application are streamlined and easy to use. Our team was able to build a new website and application that allow the Fund to keep accomplishing their mission without running into roadblocks caused by a faulty website. 

Copland Flagging