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The ASC site lacked a professional, modern design, and was not responsive on mobile devices. It also could not handle multiple content contributors and didn’t allow faculty and students to easily update their profiles or input content. The site’s pages lacked an apparent connection, and the overall usability of the site was poor. 

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Through a thorough discovery phase and a series of user surveys and interviews, we found that faculty and student profiles were the most trafficked pages on the site. We provided the ASC with a centralized content management system (CMS) that allows faculty and students to easily update their profiles with the latest news, projects, and awards. We also created dynamic pages that displayed content that bolstered ASC’s network of relationships. 

Annenberg School of Communication

The CMS we implemented enables all community members to edit their bios and publications as needed, helping maintain site freshness and credibility. It also helps content administrators ensure that the quality of content remains consistent by providing them with customized permissions and a system where all new content must be approved before they are published to the live site. The new content grid helps users navigate the site and quickly find the information they need.

Annenberg School of Communication

Our work for ASC culminated in a user-friendly site with a new look and feel that surpassed the previous one. It visually connected site content and provided users with a better overall experience. Most importantly, ASC’s site lives up to the magnitude of its reputation.

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