Bryn Mawr Website

Some of the site’s special features include a complex landing page content type that allows for a slideshow in two different sizes; the ability to reference and display other nodes that made up the spotlights and facts sections; embedded views; and an option to enter content into a series of different field collections that each had their own display styles.

Bryn Mawr College

With a site that had many reusable sections and use cases for them, we needed to work with an extremely flexible layout. We gave BMC the ability to drag and drop every section by using panelizer. Many options were available for components like galleries and feature images.

We also developed a portion of the site called Bryn Mawr's Promise that illustrates BMC's core values. This helped market specific stories and facts to prospective students to sell what really makes the school a unique community. We used Drupal's owl carousel module to give a continual flow of stories within each category that is showcased. The carousel was formatted to read fluidly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Bryn Mawr College

Using the Bear Skin theme, which is mobile-first by default, we were able to create a fully responsive website. This is ideal for students who are always on the go. The entire process ran smoothly, thanks to the engaged web team at BMC. Both teams collaborated successfully. After a series of training sessions, Bryn Mawr's team was table to manage their new site on their own.

As part of our ongoing relationship with Bryn Mawr College, we have continued assisting them in moving their legacy content to Drupal, and we look forward to continuing our wonderful relationship in the future. By harnessing their knowledge of their school and their website needs, we were able to combine our skills to build out an incredible website that will serve as a wonderful tool for Bryn Mawr College and its students for years to come.

Bryn Mawr College