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Carilion reached out to Zivtech for training after their team began working on two large projects: a complete build of a human resources portal and a reconfiguration of provider search. Although their team was familiar with Drupal, they needed more training to help these projects run smoothly and successfully.

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As a large hospital system, Carilion needed their search to handle a large amount of data while allowing their patients to search based on a variety of filters, such as location and service. The team was entering their data into system called Care Enhance, then pulling the information from Care Enhance into their provider search. They wanted to be able to change the look and functionality of their provider search while also being able to match the data they entered into Care Enhance. They had no way of keeping both systems synced together to provide up-to-date information.

When our team started work on the provider search, we began by modeling their existing data in Drupal and building a comprehensive data map, which gave our team an overview of the current data. From there, we were able to build a data migration that pulled information from Care Enhance into their Drupal site on a regular basis, making the information on both systems match. Once the information matched, we built a faceted search system using Solr Search, which allowed patients to filter their search options based on different requirements. Patients can also download the search results as a PDF and take their provider information on the go.

Provider Search

Our team continues to work with Carilion through ongoing support services, which cover general maintenance, site fixes, and troubleshooting as necessary. Ongoing support requests are filed through our project managers, and are used for requests that won't take longer than two weeks to complete. These requests include updating pages, adding and/or tweaking existing functionality, and more.

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