Vaccines on the Go Screens

At the outset of this project, the app was already popular, but was static in nature and failed to leverage technological advances that would enrich content and allow the VEC to more regularly keep users up to date. Upon our assessment, it became clear that a rebuild of the app would be necessary if we were to significantly improve the visual design, user experience, and functionality.

App User Journey Map

Leveraging Drupal 8 and React Native, we rebuilt the app with a number of improvements. Drupal 8 was used to give content editors more ownership over content creation and management, while React Native accommodated simultaneous iOS and Android development. We developed the app with special care toward iPad compatibility to better accommodate physicians and health professionals.

Our approach for this project prioritized user experience and content delivery. We completely redesigned the app’s visual design to align with CHOP’s brand standards. By making a number of features more prominent, like the “Notes” and “Ask the VEC” features, we provided the app with more usefulness, encouraging engagement beyond just vaccination seasons. Additionally, we incorporated push notification functionality so VEC content editors could urge users to engage with any new content.

Our team also designed a number of graphics and data visualizations to accompany the update. Contagiousness charts were used to show how certain illnesses spread, and how likely one is to contract them, and disease timelines illustrated the lengths and phases of illnesses.

Vaccines on the Go Main and Varicella Screens

The rebuilt app gave the VEC the ease and architecture required to keep crucial vaccine information up to date. The changes we made in the app’s design and navigation, as well as the new functionality we implemented, provided a connective tissue that pushed the app well-beyond its previous version. Ultimately, we created an encouraging learning environment for app users that prioritized the VEC’s mission and invaluable content. 

Vaccines on the Go App Screens on Mobile Devices

Vaccines on the Go won an award of distinction at the 26th Annual Communicator Awards. The app also received an honorable mention from the PRNews Digital Awards in their mobile app category.