Vaccine Makers Screens

Due to the educational nature of the site, the Vaccine Makers team needed a better strategy for information organization and resource classification. Information needed to be segmented by grade level so that users could easily navigate and locate the resources they were looking for. They also needed a website that closely aligned with the rest of CHOP’s digital branding.

Vaccine Makers Grade Levels

Our team worked with the Vaccine Makers team to perform a full digital discovery. Together, we created a mood board, mapped out wireframes, and completed a site architecture plan. To address the issue of information classification, we built a custom tagging system that grouped resources together on the backend and displayed them based on the applicable grade level on the front end. We also created a color-coordinated tiling system that allowed users to identify which grade level they wanted to access the information in. Our designers collaborated with the Vaccine Makers team to ensure that all new design elements aligned with CHOP’s existing design concepts.

Vaccine Makers Videos

Our work with the Vaccine Makers team improved the overall strategy for site organization and resource classification. The custom grouping system we built for the site helped organize all the available information in one place. Users can easily navigate the site and sort through lessons by clicking on the appropriate grade level. Additionally, the connection between the Vaccine Maker’s site and CHOP’s main site was made more evident through the use of repetitive elements and styles. 

Vaccine Makers Branding Elements

The Vaccine Makers Project resulted in a new, award-winning website, that’s both user-friendly and easy to navigate. The new site allows educators to find lesson plans and videos that help reinforce the Vaccine Education Center’s mission of promoting better education around vaccine science. 

CHOP VEC Preview