Clarifi Website

In order for their site to be successful with their target users, we formed a partnership focused on design and user experience.

Zivtech designers interviewed users after the Discovery phase to help validate who used Clarifi's site and what information they were seeking. This user testing helped us to identify the pain points of their site's design. By asking non-stakeholder users to test the site, we identified both successes and failures. 

Clarifi Wireframes

Based on our user testing, we determined that the labels on Clarifi's site needed improvements to better serve their users.

The site was restructured to help users identify problems, rather than offering service definitions and expecting visitors to know how the service would benefit them. Designers and Clarifi team members worked together to target direct scenarios and identify what users look for when they visit the site. 

Clarifi Screenshots

Clarifi's site was also customized on the back end to make it easier for team members to update site content. They can now quickly and easily add basic pages with all the necessary functionality.

Creating specific calls to action without making the site appear clunky was also a priority. Their new site allows them to display a specific team for a particular service area or solution. 

Our partnership with Clarifi resulted in a clean and intuitive website that meets all of their users' needs. 

Clarifi CTA editing