Clarifi Website

Clarifi needed to upgrade their site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. The old backend made it difficult for employees to update site content, and the frontend provided a poor user experience. The design and navigation of the site also prevented users from finding important information like educational opportunities and financial resources. 

Clarifi Wireframes

We worked with Clarifi to conduct usability testing and non-stakeholder interviews to determine Clarifi’s target audience and identify the information they were seeking. These findings identified points in the user journey that were confusing and in need of correction and served as the basis of our redesign efforts. We also customized the backend to make it easier for team members to update site content.  

Clarifi Screenshots

The updates made to the site’s backend provided Clarifi employees with a more intuitive experience and improved their content workflow. The changes we made to the visual design of the site and its structure made Clarifi’s content more accessible to users so that they no longer struggled to find the information they needed.

Clarifi CTA editing

Our work with Clarifi resulted in an updated site that provides users with a fresh visual design and optimized user experience. It also offered Clarifi employees with a streamlined backend for a simpler content creation process. 

Preview Clarifi