Conant Website

Zivtech integrated Amazon Cloud Services to provide the equivalent of an online filing cabinet with custom permissions and notifications. A custom user workflow allows court reporters to invite non-users to access exhibits and case files. Court reporters can provide digital access to case files for lawyers without compromising confidentiality.

Internally, we made sure projects are separated into different queues so that Conant staff can quickly check on a job's progress. This process makes it much easier for Conant to track down specific projects and monitor every order. 

Online File Repository

Our team built an e-commerce site that is capable of handling a unique and customized workflow. The application allows court reporters to upload court transcripts and choose how to send them to attorneys. Users can control the print output to determine binding, shipping locations, number of copies, and recipients. The transcripts can be sent digitally, or reporters can request customized print and packaging services. Prices for printing, packaging, and shipping are automatically calculated and displayed.

Custom File Distribution

Conant used to pay for an online repository to securely store all of the transcripts and other records that were uploaded to the website. By incorporating Amazon S3, they have more secure storage at a lower cost compared to outsourcing the depository to another vendor.

Instead of continuing to pay for annual maintenance and depository storage, Conant now uses an attractive and cost-effective system to run their business. This custom solution caters to the needs of both the company and their customers. We hope that SmartDeps has made a difference in how the legal system in Philadelphia operates, and hope to bring similar software to other markets.

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