Conant Website

Due to the sensitive nature of the documents Conant works with, they needed a solution that prioritizes security. They also needed a solution that freed them from paying costly annual maintenance and storage fees for third-party cloud software.

Online File Repository

We worked with Conant to develop SmartDeps, a custom solution that helped streamline an otherwise tedious process. We integrated Amazon Cloud Services and custom permissions into the application to make it possible for court reporters to provide access to case files to specific parties securely without compromising confidentiality. Our team also built an eCommerce site where court reporters could upload transcripts and choose whether to transmit them digitally or in print, and control the print output for things like binding, number of copies, and recipients. On the backend, we made sure projects and orders were separated into queues so Conant staff could easily check on order status. 

Custom File Distribution

SmartDeps digitized and simplified Conant’s document workflow. By integrating with Amazon Cloud Services we made it possible for more secure online storage at a fraction of the original price they had been paying. 

Conant Screens

Our work with Conant provided them with a secure, attractive, and cost-effective system to manage the transmission and distribution of sensitive documents. The online revenue stream we created saw more than 2,000 successful transactions, while our work on the backend made for streamlined print production services.