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The FruitGuys needed custom solutions that would help them scale their business. Their site could not keep up with the high volume of traffic it was receiving and their customer search system was extremely slow. They utilized a legacy printing system that printed thousands of orders daily, across ten separate distribution centers. This outdated system was also riddled with security issues that only worsened as the volume of shipping labels increased. The FruitGuys were also running their business off of third-party accounting software that was costly and unsustainable.

Removing The Need For Quickbooks

We worked with The FruitGuys to create a dynamic eCommerce site that can handle high traffic and gives their team convenient access to shipping, printing, inventory, accounting, and customer service tools. We also built a custom search tool that’s fully integrated with their site’s data and allows customer service representatives to easily search for an account based on the customer’s name, address, or account number. Our teams also worked together to develop PeachPrint, a custom product that simplifies the fulfillment process by synching daily with The FruitGuys' ERP software and interacts with their existing printing service.

Fruit Guys Checkout

By providing The FruitGuys with a new eCommerce site, they were able to stop relying on costly, third-party systems for their accounting needs. The new search function improved the overall customer service experience by speeding up the process of obtaining account information. And the implementation of PeachPrint resulted in a faster fulfillment process. 


The custom eCommerce solutions we’ve provided The FruitGuys has resulted in an almost decade long partnership of ongoing projects and support. The FruitGuys have been able to scale their business with ease and maintain their commitment to providing healthy food options to workplaces and schools across the country. 

Fruitguys screenshot