Guthrie Screen Shot

Guthrie’s existing site was disorganized and not mobile responsive. Their eCommerce payment portal existed as a separate site and was not integrated into their current site’s workflow. Additionally, their customer provider search function was difficult to use. 

Guthrie Mobile

We worked with Guthrie on a full site redesign to improve the overall experience of their users. We implemented Guthrie’s design mockups and focused on restructuring the site’s navigation to ensure content was grouped together in a comprehensive way. We replaced with site’s faulty search function and redesigned the provider listings to be more visually appealing. We also incorporated payment into the main site for electronic billing across their numerous locations. 

Guthrie Search

Our efforts with the Guthrie Clinic created a mobile-friendly digital interface that better served their customers. Now, customers can easily search for providers and make payments through a secure portal integrated with the main site. 

Electronic payments

After the redesign, Guthrie saw an increase in both mobile traffic and electronic payments. We provided Guthrie with an intuitive site that helped its users move seamlessly throughout the healthcare pipeline and obtain important information.

Guthrie screens