Manhattan Neighborhood Network Screen Shot

MNN's initial challenge was their legacy site. It was susceptible to security threats and was very difficult to use – especially on mobile devices. It also used unreliable software plugins to display important information to Manhattan’s residents.

Reliable Third Party Integration to Display Programming Schedules

We built a custom programming schedule that pulls data from a third-party source to populate the information for the online schedule. The schedule was also redesigned as an app so that its responsive for mobile devices. Our team also set up integration with an open-source event and customer relationship management platform to eliminate process redundancies. We redeveloped the scheduling API integration so that it’s more robust, stable, and secure. 

Transformation Into An Angular App

The programming schedule is much easier to read and access after refreshing its design and user interface. The redesign serves as a better, more contemporary reflection of the organization as a whole. 

MNN programming schedule

We provided MNN with an easy-to-read programming schedule that featured a refreshed, responsive design. A more secure and stable site has improved functionality for users. 

MNN screens