Marshall Dennehey website
Challenge was 6 years old and running on Drupal 7. Our audit of the site found numerous user experience and technical limitations that would make it difficult for the site to adapt to evolving business needs. If Marshall Dennehey hoped to continue as industry leaders in an increasingly more sophisticated technical landscape, then their website needed a complete overhaul. 

Marshall Dennehey Directory Screen

With Drupal 7 nearing end-of-life, migrating to Drupal 8 was a critical task. Drupal 8 would not only provide the site with the longevity needed to endure the Drupal platform's ongoing evolution, but would also allow Marshall Dennehey to leverage the platform's expanded capabilities and features. 

Once we established the technical framework, we proceeded to define the information architecture and content strategy for the new experience. This process included business analysis, user interviews and surveys, and multiple content workshops with business stakeholders. The insights gathered from these exercises helped produce the strategic direction around information architecture, content migration, user experience design, user interface requirements, and functional specifications.

Once the content model and design strategy was in place, it was time to create a visual design system that would be aesthetically pleasing, easily navigable, accessible to all audiences, and adaptable to changing business needs. The visual design system was brought to life by our team of expert Drupal engineers. We worked closely with Marshall Dennehey through development and QA sprints to ensure general quality standards and success criteria were met. 

Redesigned Marshall Dennehey Attorney Profile Screen

We redesigned so that the focus was on what made Marshall Dennehey successful in the first place - their history of winning cases and their remarkable Attorneys. We also accomplished the key objective to build a system that dramatically improved the day-to-day administration and content authoring workflows. In many ways, internal users are just as important as external audiences - we never lose sight of our goal to make people's jobs more efficient and effective. 

Redesigned Marshall Dennehey Results Screen