Martian Entertainment Screen Shot

The contracting process for Martian involves a performer’s management company, their agent, and the performer themself. Because of the back-and-forth negotiation between multiple parties, Martian needed a contracting workflow that would keep contracts confidential for all involved. They required a new customized marketing site that outperformed the static HTML site they had been using. 

Custom Workflow for Contracts

The contract management system that Martian wanted required significant considerations for security. After thorough research with project stakeholders, we collaboratively built out a system that included customized permissions for secure, and reliable contract sharing that allowed each party to upload contract revisions and change the contract status. We also built a new responsive Drupal website architected with content types that highlighted previous work, current events, and upcoming productions. 

Martian Marketing Site

Our custom contract management system fulfilled Martian’s need for secure, and reliable contract communication. The site we built was tailored to their content goals and allowed them to effectively market their Broadway productions. 

Martian previews

The newly designed website saw increased traffic and amplified the visibility of Martian and their projects. Our contract management system provided a customized and secure solution so that Martian Entertainment could worry about the stage, and not file security.

Martian screenshot