Mitel Screen Shot

After conducting an in-depth site audit, we discovered that Mitel’s original site was built using unstable architecture. It had accrued a significant amount of technical debt and was extremely costly to maintain. There were also issues with language translation and other factors that hindered site performance. 

Stabilize Brittle Drupal 7 Multisite

We created a partnership management system to improve the translation workflow among Mitel’s over 4,000 global partners. We also rebuilt the Mitel blog and optimized third party integrations, price quoting estimators, and onsite features for lead generation. 

Improve Marketing & Sales Funnel

The partnership management system ensures that there is brand cohesion across eight different languages in over one-hundred different countries. It also improved communication among global vendors and allowed for simplified work distribution. Our work elsewhere on the Mitel site helped stabilize its architecture and improved its responsiveness and marketing and sales funnel. 

Develop Better Internal Workflows

Through our efforts, the Mitel site saw a 22% increase in site traffic. By stabilizing the site architecture and making improvements to Mitel’s internal system, we made it easier for them to make routine updates and keep their site aligned with their business goals.  

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