Now an Then Screens

Wonderful Machine had already developed a prototype site, but it experienced significant scrolling issues, delays, and jumping. Wonderful Machine also needed us to build upon this concept and develop NowAnThen Pro, a similar service with additional features for brands and premium users.

Now An Then user account

We decoupled the NowAnThen site and used Drupal as the backend CMS and React on the front end. We were able to develop a framework that supported the management of user accounts, tutorials, ads, and search capabilities, while also allowing for speed in timeline scrolling. To combat delays and jumping, we paced the timeline to load 15 subsequent photos at half-past a scroll in either direction, as opposed to the common infinite scroll. NowAnThen Pro, while similar to the basic version, had additional features that catered to a more professional audience such as photographer credits, licensing information, and administrative oversight.

Now an then timeline

React enhanced the speed at which users could scroll through photos, and our tweaking of the timeline avoided any jumps or delays that would upend the user experience. Building out NowAnThen Pro met Wonderful Machine’s desire for a scalable and premium platform.

Now An Then

Our work took Wonderful Machine’s concept and solidified it as a digital reality. Building on their ideas, we were able to create a more intuitive site that provided a user experience without disruption. 

Now an Then preview screens