Radial Screen Shot

Radial was spending a significant amount annually on an out-of-box intranet system that did not work for their employees. It was poorly adopted across the company, and required employees to perform numerous workarounds to achieve functionality. Our initial site audit found inconsistencies in their website’s architecture, along with a poorly structured menu hierarchy. 

Radial Intranet

We built Radial a fully customized intranet based on their direct needs, and the findings of interviews we conducted with their IT department and end-users. We eliminated the workarounds employees had been using, and also built an interactive organizational chart. The chart fulfilled an internal need for employees to be able to more easily access information about their coworkers. We also stabilized their website’s architecture and employed a number of features to improve end-user experience. The site featured a new, clean design that was fully responsive and mobile compatible.

Interactive org chart

The custom intranet that we built for Radial helped them avoid the annual expenditure for a solution that underperformed. The interactive organizational chart allowed them to quickly find conference rooms and employee locations, as well as information on coworkers’ roles and responsibilities. By restructuring its menu hierarchy, we provided a more intuitive and comprehensive way for users to find information.

Mobile Focus for Employees Not Typically on a Desktop

After Radial implemented our intranet they saw an increase in employee engagement and satisfaction. Radial’s time, money, and energy can now be spent on other endeavors that propel the organization forward. 

Radial preview screens