Radial Screen Shot

In order to lower costs for Radial while improving employee adoption, Zivtech built a customized intranet that included all their desired features. Through a thorough research and discovery phase with the IT department and end users, Zivtech made the system intuitive so that employees could easily adopt the intranet and eliminate the workarounds they were using. Radial's new custom intranet allowed them to part ways with an expensive out-of-box solution that was poorly adopted and didn't meet all of their needs.

Radial Intranet

One of the intranet's primary goals was to create an easier way for employees to locate information about their co-workers. We developed an interactive organization chart that allows a user to click around a seating chart to find locations of conference rooms, where employees sit, and information about their roles and responsibilities. The seating chart syncs up with employees’ profile pages and org charts to provide up to date information in one easy location.

Interactive org chart

After analyzing Radial's business needs along with user needs and priorities, we also transformed the information architecture of the site. By re-structuring the menu hierarchy of the site, Zivtech was able to provide an intuitive and comprehensive way for users to obtain exactly what they need in a timely manner all while incorporating a fresh, clean, and responsive design.

Mobile Focus for Employees Not Typically on a Desktop