As Sci-Inspire's network grew, their leadership was faced with a problem. How could their website seamlessly match volunteers to educators and find ways to effectively communicate? How could volunteers be vetted before being able to match with educators?

The organization's website has a significant impact on their success. To achieve their goals, they needed to understand more about how to best set up a new site to make the process easier for current educators and volunteers. They also wanted to attract more volunteers with the required knowledge. Sci-Inspire needed help answering some questions before beginning their redesign.


Zivtech started the process as a prospective volunteer would. The UX team looked at the application and vetting process, and noted pain points where the website lacked the necessary information to illustrate the status of an application, or how the website processed the information.

The team also explored new design ideas for the social network aspect of the site. Zivtech provided designs and wireframes for new, robust profiles that would make the site more fun to use as a tool to connect and communicate.

On the admin side, the team came up with a five step process for educators to post volunteer opportunities and accept applications. These new designs will revamp educators' workflows and make it easier for volunteers to schedule tutoring opportunities. 

Sci Inspire

In addition to wireframes, Zivtech's Interactive Design team provided a style guide for Sci-Inspire's new website. A style guide is an important tool during a UX or Design Discovery. This ensures that the organization has a document that helps ensure success when their new website launches.

Zivtech's UX Discovery included conducting user research for all of the audiences that use the site. Now that Sci-Inspire has a better idea of who their key users are and what information they need, their website redesign will reach their audiences more effectively.